How to bring productivity UP

I believe this post  , I have observed how acts of violence always cost women time from work to visit victims and perpetrators of violence.


One thought on “How to bring productivity UP

  1. olive

    Women are expected to be the caregivers is most circumstances. Those who fail too take on the role are at risk of violence. Other women who find the gender norn of female caregiver most comfortable to their wellbeing and lifestyle are the harsh critics. Sensitization and awareness on the negative impact of violence and wars on women will also help or males. The men who perpetuate violence on women, children and other persons can benefit also. When women have to leave work including child and elderly parents minding to go to the hospital, police station, courts and prison to visit the victims and perpetrator of violence the family income and productive hours are lost. if we argue that it is productive to take care of the family/friend crisis then we must also start to examine prevention of such trauma and crisis created by gender violence and wars.


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