Are We Open to Change for Self Empowerment?

” You cannot be what you cannot see”

So Self I am asking  “What do I see when I go to sleep, when I awake in the middle of the night?”

Self I need you to see courage, innovation and creativity at work; using vulnerability and shame to fuel my ability to raise above any oppressive situation and reach for positive change that keeps beckoning towards me.

Yes! I can see the support system I will help to create.

I can see the innovative actions and responses that will bring about this positive change.

I now have the courage to tell shame that “I am good enough !! I a not a mistake , I made a mistake and I am worth far more than the results of  that mistake I made”

And so  now .

I am open to change for self empowerment

I am made stronger by what I can see in me

Self worth

Powerful self

Self dignity

Self care

Self love

Now I can appreciate the good things that life have to offer

Come let us have the courage to be the change we want to see


4 thoughts on “Are We Open to Change for Self Empowerment?

  1. Yes it is one of the most important asset, starting with personal honesty, be true to yourself. Tell me a lie but never lie to you about you ..if you are on the empowerment journey.


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