An Empowered ME!!

Women create life and have qualities of loving, caring and nurturing traits. It therefore means that we play an important role in the lives of everyone on Earth; even Earth itself is a mother caring for those utilizing her resources. No doubt without a woman life is incomplete. After all God has created both men and women, how else would life be sustained?

Despite being in the 21st century, women still face a lot of struggles having to work twice as hard to gain their accolades and even more harder to have them recognized. Times have changed but some of the negative and belittling thoughts regarding women are still rampant- those thinking should have aged and changed with time. Women’s empowerment and gender equality is the rationale behind development and sustainability.

It’s hard to say switch the roles of men and women, each has skills the other doesn’t. Men are more of the physical strength type and us women more of the emotional and tedious strength. Today we both work together for sustained development which has made changes to our lives- the gender norms; but I have decide that I will not allow a man to control the details of my life- I am in charge of my life… I AM ME!

I have overcome my fears in life and will go forward as an equal and integral part of society and I will be treated as such. My contributions matters and will be respected by me and others as I will respect theirs. No more insulting us with gendered rules and societal norms.

We have come a long way to being EMPOWERED women.


One thought on “An Empowered ME!!

  1. Women and men continue to struggle with the gender norms, the norm that allows gender violence. .In Jamaica on July 14 four women were killed by gun shot wounds inflicted by men …who were at the conception of their life depended on a woman’s wom to develop for 9 months and birth in her labor pains. Maybe the men/boys that shot them were raised by single mothers/fathers. One woman was killed in her place of business, a police woman on her way home from work and a motherand daughter in ther home by an assailant who invaded the home , held the family hostage until the dauhter got home then sho the 2 women ; breadwinners of the family. Leaving 2 disabled boys and an aging grandfather to fend for themselves.


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