Orange Day September 25: Raise awareness, take action! Human rights are women’s rights

CIMG0561 Orange dayA poster created by women during a ending violence against women living with HIV sensitization session March 2015.  It is inspiring to hear the determination to overcome experiences of violence.   The link between sexual/partner violence is well established.  There is negative impact on women sense of self, self esteem and ability to exercise control over sexual access to their own body resulting in exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.

A local project in 2011, to document the experiences of women living with HIV revealed that  the 24 women in the sensitization session had experienced acts of violence based on the WHO definition and of the 12 women interviewed all had experienced parental neglect, rape and or childhood sexual abuse.

Jamaica is currently reviewing the Sexual Offences Act and other related law we must make more effort to know how this is progressing.  Attend a Parliamentary hearing where possible and support private motions submitted by civil society groups.

If you have confirmed to participate in the consultation on the Jamaica Human Rights Framework make every effort to participate in this opportunity to inform the recommendations to the Minster of Justice.


2 thoughts on “Orange Day September 25: Raise awareness, take action! Human rights are women’s rights

    1. Noya

      I agree with you Smilely.
      We should all stand up for ourselves and each other’s rights as humans.
      We are strong; we are beautiful and there is more to life than walking on eggshell.


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