Domestic violence awareness month!!

12109323_897238180352056_6624344325998059053_n (1) (2)For all the survivors we say give thanks , not afraid, not ashamed of facing the reality.  Because many remain n violent relationships because they are afraid and ashamed.  To be aware is to be able to identify the signs before to prevent, during to seek help and after to make sure the process of leaving does not lead to your death.  Many are killed when they attempt to leave ..and especially during the first few weeks after leaving.  I was aware …highlighted the signs to the perpetrator before I gave him so much power he himself could not handle it or himself.  I was aware ..because we must READ and get FACTS….I was aware that other women and men would make light of his behavior and make me want to feel like I needed to be doing something better.   Being aware is just 1 step in a daunting process.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Seek help at the right place not just where you think it is easy to be.  Pray you keep in mind that your GOD (your higher power/creator) is able and HE delivers.  He will rescue those who believe/serve HIM.  Recognize your delivery and grasp it!!


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