Orange Day Today we celebrate our HOPE,

More than one-third of all women and 44 percent of black women in the U.S. experience intimate partner violence, according to Greater Than AIDS. Even more shocking is that 50 percent of women with HIV are abused by their partner, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Women of color account for two-thirds of new HIV cases in the country, and it is estimated that one in 32 black women will get the disease in her lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Orange Day Today we celebrate our HOPE,

  1. Sharon Cooper

    Violence is to be defined clearly to Women what is the actual behavior. A bit here and there. Spoken word. Separate from family without contact.. Beat me tonight then you want to have sex. Babes I am sorry. Two weeks later it’s the same thing. This is VIOLENCE. Don’t cover it up. Speak up and speak out. Save your life.

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  2. Sharon Cooper

    I am the wife of a Pastor. Hit in the face and ended up into Hospital. No not in Jamaica. But does it makes a difference where it happened. Violence is violence. Violence is NOT Love

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