Are the perpetuators of gender based violence deliberate in these acts?

Are we complacent? Overwhelmed? Paralyzed with fear?  Every day a child, woman, young or man is killed in Jamaica!!!  Tragic news ….. Baby found dead in plastic bag, man and baby son shot dead, female student shot dead as she runs from thief,  girl shot dead by her partner, who had been abusing her for some time.  She was eight months pregnant.  She died leaving  a small child.  3 men held for the murder of 65 year old business woman; one of the men was her husband.  ALL this happen in the last 7 days!!!  I deliberately left out the other violent deaths of men killed by other men.

Are the perpetuators of  gender based violence deliberate in these acts? ?  Is this a disease that affecting some of us?  Are the rest of us waiting for a miracle to cure this disease?  Are we all silent?  Is the cry some are making cries in a wilderness? 

16 days of Activism will see several  organizations using allocations of funds to raise awareness, show their concern, spend allocated funds for printing, public announcements, media coverage, stipends for participants, food for the converted and those who follow such event as if it was their only source of civilized entertainment. 

What else can we do?  Which of the lives lost in the last 7 days could we have saved?  How many of those who ended up in hospitals because of gender based violence could we have prevented?  ..even as we empathize with the words thank God you are alive. 

What more can I do??? Maybe that is the slogan we should try to answer November 25 to December 10 …realize that is takes more than 16 days to fix the cultural normalization of violence in homes and communities that we perfected over  years and years…groaning for the nine months (or less) that carried the sick humans that act with violence.


One thought on “Are the perpetuators of gender based violence deliberate in these acts?

  1. Take a look


    ​The women aspiring to be leaders in their lives, who make the effort to participate in the spaces that work at empowering and raising conscious we must do even more.

    As I read of Shauna-Kay’s short life ..less than half of mine I recall how at 21 years old I was already in the struggle of single parenting . I wanted family and community to care about me but mind their own business … and leave mine alone … DWL ..and so they did that as much as it was possible ( I realized that much later). For sure other humans created or caused much of the negatives in my life. The phrase ” you can be anything you want to be” I very much resented as a lie spouted by those who were lucky or privileged.

    I now realize that it usually takes humans some time to move from the entitlement of parents (others) making sure your needs are taken care of to being the one who takes care of the needs of others. When children are trusted into the role of adults and start taking care of others before the maturity needed to make such decisions the child’s life is altered and it takes miracles to heal and repair the psychological and physical damage. Some never get as far as I did …Shauna-Kay is one such unfortunate girl child.

    So many of us are hurting inside

    Yet still I rise


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