Force to partake in murder at age 14

As a teenager we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to our  Sexual Reproduction Health (SRH)  . At age 14 I was force to undergo an abortion, when I didn’t want to do it.  As a teenager I wasn’t even aware about condom used or any form of contraceptives.  When I found out that I was pregnant I didn’t know what was happening to my body because my mother and I didn’t have the mother and daughter talk when it relates to sex.  So I was shocked when I started to vomit.  All I heard from my mother that she had us at an early age.  When my mother found out that I was pregnant I got a proper beaten and she asked who was the father but I refused to tell her.  She asked my family aboard for money to help with the abortion.  When I went to the doctor to undergo the abortion I was 4 months pregnant, it was a very painful procedure.  I had to lay on a bed and open up my legs, the doctor used a spectrum to open up my vagina, then use something like a scissor to cut the navel string and then he used something to suck the baby out.  It was a very painful act, every time I talk about it, it brings tears to my eyes.  After this brutal and painful act I was unable to walk.  During the abortion I was screaming and crying and the doctor looked at me and said “shout up you never did scream and cry when you was having sex”.  I had contracted an infection an infection from the abortion and I even know of a person that went to the same doctor an got an infection as well.  I had to do follow up with this doctor until I was considered OK.  After the abortion I was very withdrawal from my family.  I really wanted to keep that child, I didn’t get a chance to know the sex of the baby or hold him/she or anything that that affected me very much and still do.  I’m still hurting inside, if this child was alive he/she would have been 13 years old.  I have now learned as an adult what my mother did was of fear because she never wanted me to follow in her footstep and wanted me to get a good Education.  I have also learn about proper condoms and contraceptives.  I have promise to be a better mother to my daughter, start the mother and daughter talk at an early age and if my child to follow in my footstep I would sit with her and find the way possible to deal with the problem.

Submitted by Diva





2 thoughts on “Force to partake in murder at age 14

  1. smiley

    I believe the parents have a great responsible to educate their children about sex and the negative effect of being sexually active at a early age. I can only systematize with this young lady and her horrible experience and the guilt she may be living with. May god give you the courage to go through . So sad.


  2. Mz Confident

    This is indeed murder! There were many different approach to this gruesome act not only to the unborn but also to the teenager that had to suffer such awful ordeal.
    In my view the mother was afraid of the shame and discrimination she would have faced more than the well-being of her daughter and the unborn. On the other hand, the mother could also believe she was saving her daughter the trouble of being a teenage mother without thinking of the psychological and emotional trauma that follows.

    I must applaud the writer for sharing her story and for being adamant that she will build a personal bond with her now daughter about sex education and the practicing family planning methods.


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