Why is discrimination in our community?

Why does society have to be so unjust??

People believe that it is ‘natural’ to say and do unkind things to those who are different.


In fact, if a community acts as a main cooperators of prejudicial treatment in complex situations instead of coming together, they cause the division and make things fall apart.

With coming together there is a sense of love, support and respect which we all need.

Look at yourself before you talk about other people’s personal business; some day you may be in a similar positions as those you discriminate against.

In addition think about those close to you, children, relatives, loved ones, friends, what would they think of you? Is this how they want you to be? What if it were them??


Contributed by JCW+ Participant



  1. Mz Confindent

    In my view; discrimination in the community is considered to be a traditional practice as children role play their superiors and gradually they adapt to the concept of “discrimination” as the norm. It’s us the adults in the community that needs to change our behavior towards each other and gradually our children will change towards discrimination. Teaching and practicing what we preach will manifest itself.


  2. smiley

    Discrimination should not be at tolerate, nobody knows what can happen in the future. We all need to be kind and caring despite or differences.


  3. Mz Confident

    indeed, discrimination should not be tolerant but as the saying goes ” it’s who feels it knows it”. Now that we know what it feels like to be a victim of discrimination, it’s for us to advocate against such and be examples.


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