Ending violence against women and children

A dream! A wish!

It is possible to change culture because culture is the cultivation of behaviors and habits that become normal is a society or community of people.

We have normalized physical violence and psychological violence.

Many of us cannot even see  sexual violence, financial or legal harm for what it is. Where do we start we have asked?

But we have already started…tell me you can see that

See what?

It starts with me and you ..and we have started to build our awareness on what is violence against women

We are looking within ourselves to identify such behaviors, attitudes and values we want or need to cultivate.

And why is that?

Because we are part of the solution and certainly stepping away from violence.

For some it is ‘Hello from the other side’, for others it is ‘I am woman watch me grow’

Personal honesty  and More power




4 thoughts on “Ending violence against women and children

  1. A dream, a wish that will one day come through.
    The challenges are steep especially now when our young women and girls are majority of the victims of tragic/violent deaths.

    We continue to fight, dream, wish and pray because reality is nothing but that which was once a dream.

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  2. We can do our part in building awareness. Sensitization starts at home ..so we ensure our boys a and girls /sons and daughters are educated on gender, feminism, equal rights and justice for ALL


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