HIV Dilemma

Hello HIV!

Pull up a chair and sit down.

There is something I must say to you;

So listen as I share with you.


HIV you entered into my life because I opened up the doors,

Times past you not only made me sad, you made me mad!

ART you have me on,

Causing my family to stigmatize and scorn me.

Word circulating causing people to discriminate me in my community.


Now I accept that you, HIV, won’t leave

So to you I will cleave.

You almost took my joy away;

But that was then and this is now.


HIV you no longer scare me!

Body fluids I choose not to share.


HIV come celebrate along with me!

On World AIDS Day you make me a celebrity…

Grandma Goodaz! I am well you see.

Fabulous and living MY life to the fullest with you my partner, HIV.

Poetry Piece By Sharon Cooper


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