He is Hurting Me

“HE IS HURTING ME” By Sharon Cooper.

Have you no eyes?

Have you no ears?

Have you no heart?

He is hurting me.

No eyes to see my tears.

No ears to hear my cry.

No heart to feel my pain.

He is hurting me.

I ran to the Police Station for protection

The Police “said” “woman a luv de man luv yuh”

My eyes speak with tears,

Officer He is hurting me.

I run to my family for support.

They say “Sandy a yuh du sum ting wrong”

My voice cry, Family can’t you see,

He is hurting me.

I run to the Church for comfort.  The Church is so busy praising God

They feel the pain in my heart, while he is hurting me.


I cringe at nights, as he lay behind me, pretending to be asleep.

Not longing for his touch.

He whisper in my ear.” Babes me luv yuh”

Thoughts of helplessness.

Thoughts of worthlessness, rushing through my mind.

No place to go. No one to turn to.

Wishing that the night would never end.

Praying that the sun would never shine.



Today as I listen the news on the radio,

Another woman has been murdered by her spouse.

I think to myself, am I next?


My eyes speak with tears, but no one sees.

My voice cry in pain, but no one hear.

My heart hurt with pain, but no one feel.

Once again I cry.

Can somebody please help me.?

Can somebody please help me?

Can somebody please help me?



3 thoughts on “He is Hurting Me

  1. Sharon Cooper

    This poem came to me early one morning. Tears rush down my cheeks. And i just wrote these words down.
    Violence affects women even when we listen to some abuse story. I pray and hope that Women that are being abuse will speak Up and break the silence.


  2. MelaninAllure

    Abuse is never easy.It erodes ones’ self esteem and takes ones’ strength. I wish that no one should feel abused but realistically i hope that they are willing and brave enough to speak up and break the silence. End violence against women.


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