Women speaking out

Ending Violence against women

All form of violence must end against all women and girls. They are our grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, niece   , cousin and friends. They are our backbones. Please stop the violence against all Women and girls.


Life is short too short to get everything in life… so live life to the best of your ability.
Violence against women must stop because we are all affected in some way or another.
We as women must come out and speak up.



It’s not ok to abuse, it is not ok to beat, It is not ok to accept it, and it is certainly not ok to live with it.
Have a say: Speak out about it, It is ok, help us spread the words. All for one, one for all.

Stacy Ann


The encouragement I would put across in the media is to motivate each other as women to stand in solidarity to end violence against women.
We should speak out and let them know that we know our rights and how to take a stand.
The sustainable development goal that apply to all country included gender equality. Women empowerment to end violence against women.


Violence against women can stop if we as women that are affected will speak up.
Violence against women can be physical or emotional. It can affects anyone, so we must promote ending violence against women.



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