New Years Resolution: Stop Killing Us!

Over 10 women were gruesomely murdered in Jamaica since the beginning of December 2016.

JCW+ is still trying to understand the reasons for taking the lives of women as we strongly believe that there is no good enough reason to justify nor excuse such an inhumane act. By no means is the decision to kill a form of misstep. It may temporarily resolve the issues of the murderer, but however, it affects the lives of others in a negative, mournful way, or simply is an inevitable outcome given the circumstances of life. As much as I despise the the trajectory of life at times, it serves as an illustration wherein each ill fate made sense within the context of someone else’s individual life story. Regardless of how much we hate it, death serves a purpose – whether it be enhancing conflict or finish a life long trial.

The problem is however twofold: the death of women has become such norm and so overused in recent memory, the headlines are disturbing and has contributed to the shock value where the question is asked “how can a man say he loves a women and yet then kills her?” It hurts though because instead of taking the time to construct logical investigations and case development, the law enforcement officers tend to be the ones killing us women is such disturbed style. Within recent weeks these unnecessary, lazy, often brutal deaths, have all been inflicted upon minorities and communities that are usually a safe haven.

This killing of our women is not new factor in society it has now become rampant following the recent attacks on children – #KillOurWomen is now trending! There are reports of beheading, stabbing, execution style murders among others. These have captured our minds in a seemingly inescapable way. The undeniable fact that women do not have anywhere near as many voices as men do in the media and society, and are constantly killed, tortured, or marginalized because of whatever power they possess is truly something that needs to be addressed. Violence against our women and girls keep happening due to these disparities.

Whatever the intentions of the killers were, whether or not you believe the truth that women are woefully underrepresented in media but scandalized and are frequently the ones to suffer brutal disservice, you can’t deny the pandemic of women who have died for no justifiable reason. It’s the facts. You can’t.

Even though I stopped watching the news and reading the papers lately the air-play circulation and social media presentations of cruel and brutal violation of human rights portrayed against women has caused me to give some attention to it. Because of the marginalization of women due to gender standards, we are supposed to be different than men- physically weak and submissive. Us women are as equal and important as men to the growth and sustainability of our Jamaica. If these deaths were actually done by men, us women NEED to amplify our voices and demand that men join us in ending violence instead of perpetuating violence against us women. Partnership is just one the of ways for us to change in our world without resorting to a death. A woman’s right to life should not be determined by the hands of anyone but the Supreme Being. Especially in a situations where the female has ended a relationship to move on with their life. Although it may be an emotional time for both of you, there are effective means such as counseling, to enable mutually benefiting  departure. The is no Return If Possible button to life.

Are we to believe that by killing women, does not matter nor impacts our society negatively? Can you comprehend just how rare and important it is to preserve the lives of the givers of life? Women are the saviors and replenishes the earth, endlessly kind hearted and unquestionably good, the epitome of beauty, grace and bravery — women are the reason we are ALL here, and ultimately her existence, her sacrifice, was only important with regard to saving her male partner. We have made ourselves so unimportant to the grand finale of life, that you men act as if you can move on without her. She was expendable but only in her own show until you decided you have had enough.

It’s horrifying. It’s exhausting. Its sickening. I’m so tired of this!!

Women are not property. We do not exist to die for, well, some reason, we have not decided yet. Media caters to specifically young women in the midst of forming their sense in life. What will happen to these girls when they see all the women around them dying as if it were some sort of a fashion show? How exactly will that empower them. It never has and NEVER will! FYI its not fun to kill women for whatever reason you may feel. It does not enhance anything whatsoever especially NOT YOU!

We are not asking you to pander to or make fatal sacrifices, however we want to creative an impact to save the lives of women. What I’m insisting is that every decision we make i our lives be thoroughly thought-out and be vital somehow to our growth and development. Our choices don’t exist in a vacuum! Hold yourselves accountable. Look at the world outside the confines of your challenges. It is our responsibility to represent women, and as humans we should know firsthand how much media is capable of influencing, shaping, inspiring; how desperately the deaths of women and girls need representation.

So let us consider every angle. Educate ourselves. Write more, amplify our voices more, encourage more meaningful engagement of women in addressing our needs, let us get some positive results.

In 2017, we are telling you to Stop Killing Us! We deserve better, you should know better, and there’s no excuse anymore.




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