All I Want For Christmas…

Not too fussy so definitely won’t be dropping any subtle hints or making an obvious Christmas wish list, but every woman deserves better than the predictable. Your Christmas gift to yourself should be thoughtful but it should also be useful, after all gifts are a reflection of love. Here are 5 items that a woman can purchase for herself this holiday season. They are sure to be on every woman’s Christmas wish list:


Because of the constant need to be fashionable, there is always a need to wear jewelry, especially for the fashionably conscious people. When it comes to necklaces, there are NO rules. Necklaces are the preferred method of adorning one’s neck these days. And even when it comes to materials, there are no rules. Mixing silver and gold, diamonds and colored gemstones with wild abandon will create a versatile style, simple but elegant – wear to the ball game or the ball dance. When you go to purchase your necklace, think ‘layered’.


Grocery stores tend to be full of cheap junk foods and prepared foods, most of which aren’t really conducive to one’s health, but does appeal to the frugal shoppers and those on a minimal income. And if you don’t have the skills or the recipes necessary to turn basic staple ingredients into healthy meals, eating poorly can turn into a self-sustaining habit that yields a diet low in nutrients and high in added sugars. Purchasing a practical cookbook of simple and cheap recipes is a benefits to eat better, eating healthy and saving especially when you are on a tight budget. Cookbooks are good especially around the Christmas season for family gatherings which calls for more cooks to the broth and time to try new recipes. Besides, cooking for yourself makes you save more. 🙂


It is almost safe to say every woman wears/uses make up. Even if its lip balm, it does make a world of difference. You will look gorgeous in a make-over that will bring out your best features and natural colors. This is something that you will want.  She doesn’t want to just drop $$, you want to look your very best this holiday when you meet with family and friends over cocktail and good food.


True, clothes will be a bit more pricey around this time of the year and it may be challenging to buy clothes for others, however, there is no wrong or right time to buy clothing items for yourself. That dress, skirt, top or pair of skinny jeans you always wanted but always looked pass… this holiday make it a gift to yourself, you deserve it!

Technology Devices

A computer/laptop, iPad, tablet, phone, treat yourself to something new, in style and effective for communication. Its going to be a new year soon and you need a new look! Communication is key 🙂


Whatever it is, have yourself a merry little Christmas, treat yourself! You deserve it!




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