It just hit me of how low I was some few months ago, I was so uncomfortable with where I was and had no clear picture of where I was going. In that discomfort I analyzed my life and what was up. Money issues, broken promises and missed expectations.

I kept a list of what I wanted, how I wanted it and would look at it from time to time. I just began with what I could offer. I thank heaven’s for one person who still believed in me when everyone else had lost faith.  

Today I am not where I was late last year, I joined groups on Facebook (CYWAG), tried this and that, here and there, as I aimed high and the stars kept aligning in my favor to this minute I am hoping you will be inspired.

What do you have in your hands now? what can you offer? start there! So much information is out there only if you want it and expecting it. Make that list and as you look at it, things will become clearer as you think of it, people will enter your life and hold your hands.

If it’s a rocky time, rejoice and rewrite your life, then see the magic happen. Be sad, irritable, try new things, fail, win then fail, cry, lose hope, wonder when and why. Then RISE slowly  and remind yourself of those little wins, they hold you up when you slide.

With time, it will all fall back in place. I promise, just don’t stay down there, don’t copy, listen to what’s inside you, you got this!

By: Moana


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