written by Venesia for Orange Day (UNiTE to end violence against women)

“And her value is far greater than ruby”

As stated by King Salomon women should be cherished and loved, not hurt and shun.

Embrace us, uplift us

Don’t tear us down or treat us like a clown

Without us there would be no you

Don’t be like a slave driver

A manipulator, a wife beater, a backstabber, a monster

We lay back while you plant your seed because we know the need for our companionship, love and family

Don’t you realize if I were not you wouldn’t be?

Do you understand my value? My worth?

Open your eyes and realize that because I love you I will allow you to treat me like you own me and you can control me.

But now, now I stand, I stand up for myself, for her, her, and the woman next to her

If you try to oppose who I am I will be like a storm, a hurricane rather and I will be the wind that knocks you to the ground.

I’ll show you who I am

That I am Mother Nature

I have a right to be here,

A right to be heard,

A right to be seen,

A right to be loved,

A right to cherished,

A right to be understood.


Yes, understood! You need to understand that I am a woman, a person.

I am life itself with the same rights as you and I deserve the same respect as you.

I want to feel the way you feel too when you are respected.

I deserve freedom of speech,

Freedom of movement,

Freedom to be me, me, me and not what you want me to be or what you think I should be.

Now do you understand?

Me, yes me! A woman! Strong! Empowered! Encouraged!


There, I broke the silence, I said it! NOW DEAL WITH IT!




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